Plans for a complete rebuild of our website!

Hello! So.... We (both admins) have been thinking of rebuilding the website completely. The main reason for it is because this website is really outdated. We started with this a few years ago and never changed it. It is not that good on mobile and we are missing alot of necessary elements that every other website has. On top of that, It is really hard work from our end. The way every comic gets uploaded, updated, tagged, sorted and marked as futa/gay is alot of work and we know that it could be easier. This message is just a heads up. The new website could be months away from now, if not more. You may be wondering "Why so long?" The thing is that we both lack the skills to do all of this so we decided to save up ALOT of money to hire a team of professionals to create a website that is fun for everyone.

These features will be added on the new website.
- Login/Register
- Profile pictures
- Favorite comics
- Random button
- Fully mobile optimized
- Android app version (possibly IOS too)
- Gay/Vore/Futa comics will be visibly marked
- Website will be cleaner and more easy to navigate

We have reached the half of our goal! The company we hired started working on the new website but we still need to get the last half for them to finish the complete website.

2943$ of 5000$

(This gets updated every friday if needed. We added the requested donation button but you honestly do not have to donate. We can come up with the money ourselves but we won't turn down any help.)

There are some concerns about the ideas we have for the new website. I want to clear up 2 important things with you guys. First of all, the website will ofcourse stay free. You will not be forced to create an account to view content. You can just browse as a guest but you will won't have access to some features like commenting, favoriting and so on. Creating an account will be free. Secondly, when we launched the new website we will have a poll to see if you guys like it or not. If the majority dislikes it, we will revert it back to this current version. It doesn't matter how much money we spent. This website is and always will be for the people and we want you to have fun. I hope this clears up your concerns ^_^

This page is to get feedback from our readers. Would you like a completely new website? What features would you like to see?