Under new management:

Hi there, my name is Mike and I am the new owner of My Hentai Comics and the Wet Valley series. I was a fan of the website for years now and noticed some trouble when the admins began to leave. So I contacted the admins and as it turns out, they were having some money issues. The website server took too much money out of their own pockets and they didn't know how to optimize the server to make it cheaper. I was helping them the past 6 months and I was recently offered to take over everything. So ofcourse as a big fan I accepted, especially when the last admin told me they were going to stop the website if they didn't find someone to take it over. I wanted to make sure to keep the website I loved alive. So here I am? Mike, your new admin. I will do my best to keep the website awesome as it is. I will try to improve it a bit and NO MORE LATE UPLOADS. This is all new to me so bear with me as I figure things out. Thank you!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: When do you upload comics?
A: We upload comics every tuesday and friday. (random hours)

Q: How many new comics with each upload?
A: We usually upload between 20 and 25 comics with each upload.

Q: Is there a way to download full comics?
A: No, there is no download option at the moment.

Q: Why can't I see the newly uploaded comics?
A: You may have to delete your browser's cache to fix this problem.

Q: Which browser works best with your website?
A: This website works best with Google Chrome on desktop and mobile.

Q: Will there be more of [artist name, category, subject] comics?
A: We can't see in the future so we don't know if there will be more comics of the said subject.

Q: What happend to your mobile app?
A: The app stopped showing newly added comics and we don't know how to fix it because we are not programmers so we deleted the app.

Q: Can you add a random button?
A: No because it'll cause to much trouble for our current database. We tried it but it makes the website really slow.

Q: Is there a way I can show gratitude for all the hard work you guys do?
A: Yes, you can support us on our new patreon page so we can make our dream come true. We always wanted to create a completely original comic series with our own characters and the time to start has finally come. Click here to visit our patreon page!

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